God has given each individual person a talent and I just happened to discover mine.
— Darren Brand

Big Baby continues to create a household name for himself by spreading laughter and joy to fans across the country and throughout the globe. After graduating from A&T, Brand went on to pursue his dreams of bringing his talents to the television screen. A series of successful auditions and callbacks led Brand to his calling; landing a coveted position on MTV’s hit series ‘Wild’N Out’ for six seasons (and counting!)


The self-proclaimed ‘Energy God’ has utilized his platform to open doors for many industry opportunities to follow including writing as a TRL contributor, hosting at the BET Pre-Awards shows and more. In 2018, he secured his first national commercial project with McDonalds and is starring in the MTV web series 'Basic to Bougie', released on YouTube this summer.


To learn more about Brand’s work or upcoming projects, explore his site. For bookings or interviews, contact Team Brand.